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Serving with Care and Compassion

Four bronze stars attest to World War II veteran Wilbur Lewis' service to our country. Center for Hospice Care's (CHC) Level 4 "We Honor Veterans" certification attests to our dedication to serving our veteran patients with care and compassion. Wilbur's experiences as a CHC patient reflect that dedication.

CHC staff members, particularly his social worker Jamie Jacobs, helped secure a spot for Wilbur and his son-in-law Rich Allen aboard an Honor Flight Network trip to Washington, DC to visit veterans memorials and be recognized for his service. Following that trip in September, Wilbur and Rich were also part of CHC and the Hospice Foundation's Veterans Memorial dedication ceremony four weeks later.

But the highlight of Wilbur's recognition may very well have been the next day when the Victory Belles, an Andrews Sister-style trio from the World War II Museum in New Orleans, visited Wilbur at home. He shared his memories of enlisting in the Army in 1943, driving in England with just a flashlight to see the road during blackouts and being in Paris on VE Day.

Talk turned to other chapters in his life – how he had been engaged two or three times before his marriage to wife Eleanor, his artful deal making (as his daughter Karen Allen noted, "he never loses on a deal") – and his philosophy of making the most of every day. "At my age, I'd like to get in trouble," he noted with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. It's easy to imagine Wilbur as a young Army corporal, part of the "Greatest Generation." Thank you, Wilbur, for your service.

A Trusted Partner in Caring

Center for Hospice Care is Indiana's most chosen hospice program, serving more patients than any other hospice provider in the state. By the number of patients served – 2,102 in 2015 – CHC ranks in the top 3% of all hospice programs in the US.

Center for Hospice Care is dedicated to improving the quality of living through hospice, home health, grief counseling and community service. Patients and their families trust CHC to provide skilled, compassionate care. Our donors can also trust that their gifts are used to further our mission. In 2015 nearly 83% of the combined expenses of Center for Hospice Care and Hospice Foundation went to program services. Less than 2.52% went to fundraising; the balance was for management and general services, which is low in comparison to many charitable organizations.