Hospice Foundation

A Promise Kept

Thirty-seven years ago, Center for Hospice Care made a promise to the community – that no one eligible for hospice care will be turned away due to an inability to pay. In 2016, Center for Hospice Care provided unreimbursed care and service of more than $2.2 million.

Keeping our promise means…
accepting some of the most complex cases with no reimbursement or payments.

Keeping our promise means…
that no patient in our service area ever need worry about quality and compassionate end-of-life care.

Keeping our promise means…
that grief and bereavement services are available to anyone in the community at no charge.

A Community Served

Center for Hospice Care has a long tradition of honoring a deserving recipient with our Helping Hands Award. For our 34th year, we are thrilled to be honoring someone who has faithfully served our community for more than 60 years – in individual known and loved by many – Sister Carmel Marie Sallows, C.S.C.

St. Carmel was born in Chicago and spent much of her life in the local area. She attended St. Mary's Prep School, St. Joseph's Academy, St. Mary's College, and earned a master of science in education from St. Francis College in Fort Wayne. St. Carmel's teaching career began in 1954 and continued through 1985. She began serving as librarian at St. Joseph High School in 1985, and continues – at the age of 85 – to serve as an assistant librarian.

With a remarkable history of service and sacrifice, Sr. Carmel continues to volunteer with four nonprofit organizations, including Center for Hospice Care at our South Bend Hospice House.

A Call to Action

To honor the life and work of Sister Carmel and to help keep our promise to the community, we have created a special fund called the Sister Carmel Helping Hands Fund. Donations to this fund will go directly to support charity care to those in our service area who need it.

Please consider giving to this year's Annual Appeal which will support the Sister Carmel Fund, and help those in our community receive the compassionate end-of-life care they deserve.