Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreat

Jan. 24, 2018 – This will be brief. The camp is still going on into the night – because you know teens have more energy than me. Rose and I left after this second day around 7:30 after a closing and a cake!

There are so many stories and these older children have matured and look to their futures. They are appreciative and thankful for their sponsorships and for CHC – they know where their education is coming from – and about the partnership.

Oh YES, I have “George stories!” We still have him “captive” at Rose’s home in the village, and he did come to the camp – because we didn’t know what else to do with him!!!!! He was “a hit at camp” and of course, the children (now teens/young adults) know him from the other larger camps.

Rose is going to Jinja tomorrow. I am staying behind to see the children off, go with Lydia to take a couple to the taxi park and then on to the school we hope will accept George. We will get his “test results!” I will then check on George in the village and look in on him until Rose returns on Saturday. I soooooooo hope he does not escape – keep your fingers crossed! He is here until he starts school, at least that is our plan for him.

So much has taken place with the children than cannot be put into words tonight! I just wanted to remain in touch and so appreciate being here and helping to make this experience possible.

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