Unexpected Visitors!

Unexpected Visitors!

Jan. 28, 2018 – I thought today would be a catch up day but things have a way of changing – as they do for anyone. I cleaned my house this morning with the help of Joel and George. We finished around one in the afternoon and walked through the village buying some food staples for Joel’s family – rice, sugar and bread. Then I took George back to settle him in at Rose’s home. When I returned to my compound I found visitors at my door.

Roberta, the little girl named after me (3 1/2 years old), had arrived with her mother and little sister, Rowana. It was a wonderful surprise and I so appreciated their travels to see me, but I was really unprepared for visitors. They said they had come for the afternoon into the evening. I immediately thought I didn’t have ample food to feed them, but my neighbor, Ritaah, came to my rescue and included us all in her lunch fixings. I ran down the road for some sodas and snacks and we had a delightful afternoon. When they left by dark I remembered my laundry was in a bucket and had to be completed, and found we were now out of water. Just another surprise to deal with. Ritah went and got some from a neighbor and gave me a small jug, but. it’s just another challenge. I do have bottled water for drinking!

During my time with my visitors, George reappeared at my door too. He was all smiles and had used up the drawing paper I had given him. He drew pictures for Jim and Hilda, his sponsors back home. He wanted me to show him where I would carry them in my suitcase “to America for Jim and Hilda!” and then said he would stay. Ritah and I fixed some bread and porridge for him, skyped with Tom, showed him some things on the computer and eventually sent him on his way. I think I will be seeing him again at my door!

Hope your week end is going well. I thought this would get sent last night, but I fell asleep and it is now Sunday morning!


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