May 7, 2018 – Last night it rained heavily and I feared that the driver picking me up for the baptism would be late – or worse, just not show up. However, the drivers are good – I got to the church early! It’s difficult to describe the simplicity of this village church. It is a “people’s church, all are welcomed and feel welcomed!

Antoniah’s baptism took place during the Mass. Family, some friends and the regular daily “church goers” were present. All celebrated through song and prayers. How special for me to be asked to be this child’s god-mother.

I arrived at the office mid-morning and the rest of the day followed routinely. One of Kaitlyn’s professors for Notre Dame had come to follow up on some of the work she’s doing.

The electricity in our part of the village had been out since last evening. Dark is really dark here in the village and the electricity is important to those of us who are not use to COLD bathing!  It went back on at around 10:30 PM and within 10 minutes the lightbulb in our cooking area popped/exploded while I was attempting to do some dishes, resulting in the cooking area, sitting room and Kaitlyn’s bedroom again being without power. I do believe we will now need an electrician! My bedroom and the bathing area have electricity – I’m in luck! What can I say, it’s Uganda and there are always stories to carry back home. You have to have a good sense of humor and continually face the fact that you can’t worry about things out of your control – which does not always come easy!

We are both off to bed. It’s later than we anticipated!


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