January 26, 2019 – It was good not to have to wake up early to my alarm clock. I was just beginning to move around when I heard Rose and Dianah calling my name and knocking at my door. Dianah was on her way to study at the office and Rose was going there to complete some work. They wanted to know my “schedule,” which was a day unplanned. Rose invited me to go to a wedding late in the afternoon. I accepted, but as the day moved on going to a wedding seemed like it would take more energy than I had – so I’m at home.

The children next door are in and out and enjoy having me around. I think they think I came to “entertain” them. However, Saturday in the village is often used for doing laundry, having more time for cooking a meal, visiting, organizing the home, etc. I guess. just like home in the U.S. Who doesn’t appreciate week ends!? I’m drying out some local corn for popping!

Rose’s son, Derrick, raises chickens and they are now at a point where they can be sold. Last evening I purchased two for my friend Joel’s family. Today I went to purchase some for my neighbor Ritah, who has been generous to frequently share food with me that she prepares for her own family. The challenge is catching the bird you want and getting it home to kill. Joel told me his family is going to continue to maintain the chickens until Easter and have them at that time. They will get bigger and fatter. They rarely can afford meat so this will be special for them. Ritah will prepare one of the birds tomorrow and Joel will continue to raise the other for her. Once again it made me think of how fortunate I am and how much I take things for granted.

George raises rabbits at Rose’s home and was very anxious to tell me all about them – including the two pregnant ones. He is quite proud of his efforts, and thought perhaps I would also like to buy some rabbits. He tells me he would like to sell three! We will see what he does after the babies arrive!

George’s English has improved significantly over the year. He can carry on a conversation with more ease and confidence. His schooling is paying off in many ways. He is more attentive, follows directions well, is always willing to help, and responds positively to acknowledgement of his accomplishments. He actively participated in the camp, always having something to say!

Ritah helped me today to get some of the pictures from my iPad onto the computer to send. Hopefully they will get to you!? More stories of the camp will come tomorrow or early in the week when I can reflect on the children and activities.

I hope your week end is relaxing!


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