New Roommate, New Adventures

New Roommate, New Adventures

The past few days have not been too busy at PCAU. I have finished my documentation project for the moment, so Mark (PCAU’s Programs Manager) has been giving me some other projects to work on. PCAU and the Center for Hospice Care (CHC) have a scholarship program for nurses, so I have been organizing their information and creating a guide of all the participants for PCAU and CHC to review. I have also picked back up some of my research from CHC and have been looking further into policies of various other child sponsorship programs.

Today, we had an expert on communications from the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) come in to coach PCAU on how to write stories and updates for their website. I sat in on that meeting and think that the advice shared will be very helpful. As a team, we edited some of the stories written by PCAU and I think that our stories are headed in the right direction.

Outside of the office, I have been much less lonely. I got a roommate!  Daniella, from PA, moved in on July 12th. She has been to Uganda a few times, so she has been a great resource. She showed me a path at the edge of our village that I love to walk now. The path is on a hill and has such a beautiful view of the neighboring village and Lake Victoria. I find that walking that path after a day at work is a great way to decompress. On Thursday, I left work a little early with Rose, so Daniella and I walked down to the vegetable market in town. It was so fun to experience the busyness of the market and buy produce from the locals instead of a grocery store.

This weekend, one of my neighbors is having sports day at school. His team is named the “Kangaroo Kids,” so I will be going to his school to watch the festivities. It is supposed to be a day full of little sports competitions among all of the classes, so I think that it will be a cute and entertaining way to spend my Saturday.

Next week, some PCAU staff and I will be traveling to Hoima to meet some of the guardians, visit some of the schools, and do some home visits for the Road to Hope Program. I have been looking forward to making visits to the children and their communities since I arrived, so I am very excited to have that coming up! It is my hope that after visiting some of the children and seeing their living conditions that I will be able to write some stories for the Road to Hope website that accurately depict the lives of these children.

I have been here for five weeks and have three more to go. These next few weeks are scheduled to be busy, so I am sure that the time will fly by faster then I want it to. It is hard to believe that I will be back home soon.

As always, thanks for your continued support for both myself and PCAU.

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