Children Arriving

Children Arriving

May 4, 2018 – I thought I’d take this chance to get off a quick note. Today is Friday and the children are already arriving in town. When a group arrives they will be transported to the Conference Center where they’ll all eventually gather. As most of you know the Conference Center is off Entebbe Road at the edge of the village, so it’s not far from where I stay or the PCAU office.

The first call to Lydia (RTH Coordinator) of a child arriving was at 6:00A.M. He is from Yumbe and traveled the night. Another child got “relocated” by transport and it took many contacts to get things straightened out through boda-bodas and taxis. She will arrive tomorrow morning. I just can’t imagine it! It takes a lot to get the children here!

We learned yesterday that the children from Arua were not coming because their parents/caregivers did not want them to travel alone. We had to go through some “negotiations” with the woman who usually accompanies them, and we trust they are on their way! Another long journey!

I am anxious to see the children and I’m sure I’ll be tired by bedtime tonight. Saturday will be a busy day from early morning on. I will take lots of pictures.

I understand the weather back home has improved! This is the rainy season, but today is lovely and I’m currently enjoying a breeze from the office window. Please pray tomorrow is a nice day!

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