Labor Day in Uganda

Labor Day in Uganda

May 1, 2018 – Today is a public holiday here in Uganda – Labor Day. The PCAU office was closed, but many places remain open. It means “business” for many shopkeepers. As I was out and about it looked like a “normal” week day, but the traffic was lighter early in the day.

I have a house-mate, Kaitlyn. She arrived late in the day yesterday. She’s in the Global Master’s Program at Notre Dame and will be doing an internship with PCAU for the next 6 weeks. This is her first trip to Uganda so much is new to her. She is quiet, so I hope I will not overwhelm her! ? If all goes well, she will remain in the village when I leave. I’m introducing her to many people and the village life. You all know I’m at “home” here and feel so much a part of village life – and it’s challenges. However, the good outweighs the challenges, at least in my opinion. I have been honest with Kaitlyn so we will see how things evolve.

Today Rose, Kaitlyn and I went to Lewero to visit Bethany Miracle Village. I learned of this program through our local FUN (Friends of Uganda Network) Meetings. There are approximately 22 acres being developed for education (nursery, primary, secondary, and vocational schools), health care services and a Catholic church serving a very poor, undeveloped community. It is off to a good start and the enthusiasm of the people is remarkable. It will take time, hard work, financing, and patience for it all to develop, but the future is brighter for the people of the area thanks to dedicated people recognizing a need.

These trips always take longer than I envision and we arrived home late afternoon, making a few stops at the markets along the way. No trip is complete without coming home with fresh fruits and vegetables.

I had told my friend, George, that if he successfully stayed in school during this term I would get some tires repaired on an old bike that had been dropped off at Rose’s home. He began learning to ride and so loved that bike. The person who dropped off the bike came to take it back, so we got a used bike for George to have during his school breaks at Rose’s home. I know he will be so surprised!

I can’t close without saying how good it was to reconnect with staff at PCAU. Rose and two others will visit the U.S. in July/August and are very excited. They are busy getting in the paperwork necessary to obtain visas. As some of you know, getting a visa here in Uganda is difficult and NOT guaranteed. PLEASE pray they are successful. This is a BIG year for our partnership as we celebrate its 10th Anniversary. The Center for Hospice Care will be hosting an event that I am sure you will hear more about.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and good wishes!


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