End of the Day!

End of the Day!

January 31, 2019 – My day is coming to an end. I feared the week would be slow since the ending of the camp, but that’s been far from true!

Yesterday I went with Rose to Mulago School of Nursing in Kampala. The educators who had been in training to teach students in the Advanced Diploma Palliative Care Program were ending their training. This specialized program will now be part of the nursing curriculum, a big step in the advancement of palliative care throughout Uganda. There was a special program and the awarding of certificates. I was asked to speak on behalf of the Center for Hospice Care, who has been involved in the education of nurses in palliative care since the beginning of our partnership. It was good to offer words of thanks, appreciation and encouragement.

Being in Kampala was a reminder of how fortunate I feel not to have to travel to Kampala daily. As I say every year, the traffic just has to be experienced to fully understand. On our way home we witnessed a taxi hitting a young woman scrambling to avoid the taxi. Luckily, the taxi went into a ditch prior to striking the woman which slowed down its speed. It didn’t appear that her injuries were serious/life threatening – but getting an ambulance in a hurry is only “a wish!” Jaffer, our driver, said the taxi driver would probably take the woman to the nearest health care facility in the taxi and “then work things out from there!” – if he didn’t run away. Let me remind you, a “taxi” here carries up to 12 people, maybe more at times.

This morning I was part of a small committee to select the applicants for the Palliative Care Program. Some were offered a full scholarship, some partial, and others to fund themselves. Few were “rejected.” Part of our criteria was to select individuals from a variety of Districts, especially those with no palliative care. We also had the comments from interviewers as a help. By mid-afternoon, when Rose left the office, I drafted letters to send to the students. We will await their responses.

It’s always good to get back to the village. My neighbors and visitors occupy much of my time until I close my door.

Hope your day is going well!


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