A “Typical” Weekend in Uganda

A “Typical” Weekend in Uganda

It is Saturday and like all of you I welcome the weekend to do some things for myself – the usual like you, cleaning the house, washing clothes, going to the market, etc. Some of these things take me a bit longer here without the conveniences of the U.S. YES, the children persist being in and out of “my house,” but now that they are a year older they listen better and can be engaged in various ways.

Some of you have asked about my neighbors, Ritah and her family. Attached are a few pictures of Lovina, going into P3; Gabby, still in pre-school, but Top Class; and Shadia, going into P2. In one of the pictures we had been playing “pirates,” another is Gabby with his cars that he said “are amazing!,” and one picture reflects my “art gallery” on the wall of the sitting room. They are good children; imaginative, talkative and very active. The new school year begins for them on Monday. I’m helping with some preparations. We hired a driver for a few hours to get some school shoes up Entebbe Road. We get them a bit big so they last the entire school year. The shoes have to be black with enclosed toes and are only worn to school.


Yesterday I went to some craft markets. I got wet from the rains, but in the course of looking and shopping I dried off. The items I purchased were mainly for the Center for Hospice Care, who will use the items to raise money for PCAU and the Road to Hope Program. They are having an event in on April 2 when two of the staff from Uganda visit as part of our partnership. I hope you can plan on attending!!!! I believe “save the date notices” will be coming.

We had rain again this morning that the Ugandans tell me is unusual for this time of the year. Of course, walking the roads is more difficult for me! I love the activity of the village and feel blessed to be here and to be a part of their lives.

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