Final Preparations for Road to Hope Camp

Final Preparations for Road to Hope Camp

My friend, co-worker at PCAU and compound neighbor started up her own business several months back to supplement her income. She was anxious for me to see “her shop” so we stopped by on our way home from the office last night. She has a delightful young woman working for her who lives with her mother across the road from us at Saint Mary Kevin School. She begins her day at 7:00 A.M. till around 8:00 or 9:00 P.M. She’s wanting to save money for college while awaiting an opportunity for added financial assistance. The shop is close to the office and the PCAU staff has been very supportive by purchasing their basic needs from Ritah. She’s proud of her accomplishment/success – and rightfully so! Why yes, I purchased things too!

Today, Mark, Lydia and I went to a meeting at Wakisa Ministries. It’s a ministry that supports self respect and dignity dealing primarily with underaged expectant girls. We were looking for a speaker(s) for the children’s camp to focus on issues of sexuality. I know some of you may be thinking, “But the camp is this Friday… and the children arrive on Thursday morning!” For most programs in the U.S. that would have been accomplished long ago, but this is Uganda and it’s what seems “natural!” We had some good conversation with the director clarifying the purpose of the camp, our expectations and goals. They will come mid-day for a presentation and we will all work in groups with the children. Somehow everything always “falls in place,” and always amazes me!

After our meeting, Lydia and I proceeded to Kavumba Recreation Center to see the grounds and confirm some of the cost’s/planning that Lydia had worked out with the director. We toured the grounds. It will certainly meet our needs and offer recreational options for the children. I won’t go into detail because hopefully I’ll have photos to share after the camp that will tell the story.

Lydia would like to attempt to fit some of the children with shoes at the camp that can be used for school. She said often when PCAU sends money to the various boarding schools/guardians to get the children shoes they are of poor quality and don’t last. She was given “a contact” who agreed to bring a supply of shoes to the camp, but Lydia wanted to see some of the shoes prior to Friday and wanted my assistance. Now when Jaffar, PCAU’s driver, doesn’t find a location then you know for sure “we’re lost!” After numerous phone calls to someone giving confusing directions, we finally got to our destination. I know what most shoe stores in the villages look like (about the size of Ritah’s shop or smaller), but I thought we would find something bigger. I was wrong! Of course, the shoes are used shoes, but quality brands that should have some “good life” to them! Something new for camp!!!!! We will see how it works out. We also hope to give the children a good amount of other supplies!

I got back to the office around 4:00 and I’m preparing to go back to the village. Rose called me and wants me to “go swimming” tonight. I’m not sure I’m up to this experience – and I didn’t bring a swimsuit. I’ve never brought a swimsuit!!!! – and have no idea where we are ending up. One thing I know is somewhere along the line I need to cook something to eat. It has been a long day!

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