Full Days – and Surprises

Full Days – and Surprises

Jan. 16, 2018 – Already it seems like I have been here longer than a couple of days! They have been full days,as usual – along with some surprises.

Yesterday late afternoon, after arriving home from the office I had a couple of visitors. One of the children who Tom and I, along with Christy and Ron Brewers, sponsor through the Road to Hope program was at my door! A woman who works in a feed shop in the village who knows this child contacted her family to say they had seen me in the village. Margret was visiting her older sister in Kampala so they took a taxi and boda-boda to greet me.  They know where Rose lives so they went to her home first for direction to my home. They didn’t stay long to avoid the evening rush back to the city, but it meant so much for them to have made this trip! Margret is going into 6th grade and is doing well in school. She has a bright smile, is soft spoken and wants to be ” a lawyer” when she grows up. I reminded her that last year at camp she said she wanted to be a lawyer so “people would respect” her. I am confident she can do it!

After Margret left I went to turn on the main light in my sitting area only to find the light would not go on – even though the power was on. I’m used to no power, but that’s when the power is indeed off. I purchased a new bulb in the village and it still would not work. I exchanged bulbs from other lights and nothing changed as it got darker outside and inside. Charles from Saint Mary Kevin School across the road happened to stop by and he took the fixture apart. I trusted he wouldn’t electrocute himself since he teaches science at the school. After a period of time he got it to work and I was thankful. I was to have been at Rose’s home to go over some work I did for her – and she is not use to me being late! We worked for a time, but decided there was a tomorrow.

I had been working on completing a grant. After spending much of today sharing my work with Rose and revising and editing, it was sent off at the end of the day. Neither of us wanted to think about it tonight. In fact, this is the first day Rose stayed until the very end of the day. I fear in her attempts to get stronger she will over extend herself. After all, I’m supposed to be “looking after her!”

I visited some of my friends at Saint Mary Kevin School. The band was practicing and I learned that a gentleman who loves music has come from the Netherlands to work with their band for three weeks. The band and the school’s dancer group will perform this Saturday night in Kajjansi in some parking lot across Entebbe Road. I hope to be there!

It is late and I am thankful I packed some Ramen noodles. They saved me from actually cooking this evening.

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