Final Days

Final Days

Feb. 5, 2018 – Once again, thank you for your interest in my latest journey to Uganda. As I always say, “Each trip is different, and special!”

My last days were spent packing, saying my good-byes, finishing up some documentation and teaching George to ride a bicycle. One of Rose’s relatives/friends had left behind a “beat up” bike that had poor breaks, bad tires, one pedal, and a very high seat – besides rust. George worked to clean it up and would pump up the tires as he tried riding. He also thought he was oiling the chair, but instead it was black paint! He came down to my compound with the bike and we practiced. We then walked to the bike repair man on Entebbe Road to have the seat lowered, breaks repaired, and new pedals. For now he can pump air for riding short distances. I told him if did well in his new school then he would get the tires repaired. He will leave for Boarding School today. A new school year begins for the children.

I visited my friend, Joel’s family and for the first time his mother invited me into their home instead of sitting on a mat outside. I felt both privileged and honored – and trusted. Joel, his parents, two sisters and a brother live in two rooms with no windows, just the entrance door and an exit door. His mom turned over a bucket for me to sit. It was in the heat of a Ugandan afternoon and I thought I would melt. I cannot imagine how they sleep on these hot nights, but they ALL have smiles and love for each other and beautiful hearts. They know what is important. On the walk to the home, Joel told me of his faith and when he graduated from P7 this past December he stood up in church and gave thanks!

There are stories upon stories. The Palliative Care Association of Uganda is doing well and even with Rose’s illness they all worked together to see that conferences went on, a fund raising dinner was a success, and day to day meetings/responsibilities were fulfilled.

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