January 20, 2019 – I arrived last night! All went smoothly and I’m so pleased that I got out of Chicago before the snow arrived.

This will be short. I’m using my neighbor’s air time because I’m having some difficulty connecting my phone usage/air time with the computer. Most of you know my limited technology!!! Tomorrow is another day and I’ll go from there. I know Cynthia from PCAU will be helpful!

We had some very heavy rains in the afternoon and evening. They prevented me from getting to Entebbe Road and getting some grocery shopping completed, but I’ve got some basics and Ritah cooked a meal for me. She is kind and generous and looks out for me. To be sure, with the rains also came power outage. After all these visits I come to expect it!

I was able to get to church before the rain. It is always uplifting to celebrate with others from the village. I look forward to it.

This week will be busy. A couple of people are out of the office. The first of the children/teens (the older ones) arrive tomorrow and the younger ones will join later in the week. They are combining the two camps (empowerment retreat and Road to Hope camp) this year so it will be less taxing on staff. Change is constant!

I will remain in contact – with the hope that my computer will cooperate.

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