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I Give Because…

Giving the Gift of Compassion   

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed many things, but it has not changed Center for Hospice Care’s promise that no one eligible for hospice care would ever be turned away, regardless of their ability to pay. This promise, made 41 years ago, is possible because of the generosity of people in the communities we serve. 

Behind many of these gifts is a story… sometimes, it’s a story about the care a loved one received. 

“[It] starts with the first phone call when you don’t even know what to expect or what to ask. Every family should be able to experience this for their loved one.”  – the family of Harold W. Johnson Sr.

Others support Center for Hospice Care because of their belief in our mission and approach to end-of-life care. The story of Jaisyn Reese (pictured on the front cover), a pediatric patient, is just one example of how CHC’s interdisciplinary team helps patients and their loved ones. Jaisyn was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), an aggressive type of tumor that begins in the brain stem. He was receiving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, but he and his family needed support at home, too. CHC is the only local hospice organization that admits pediatric patients – and has board-certified pediatric staff to care for them.

Center for Hospice Care improves the quality of living through hospice, home health, grief counseling and community education, for patients like Harold and Jaisyn as well as many others in the nine counties we serve. In fact, all CHC bereavement services, including our After Images art counseling program, are available at no charge to anyone in our service area who has experienced the loss of a loved one regardless if that loss involved hospice care or CHC. 

“They would help us while we were here and they would communicate with St. Jude’s to give him the best care possible.”

Angie Reese
Jaisyn′s mother