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Pets seem to instinctively grasp Center for Hospice Care’s mission “to improve the quality of living.” Whether it’s a wagging tail, a gentle purr or the comfort of a warm, furry body resting nearby, their love and comfort is an important part of our patients’ lives.

That’s why we have become a Pet Peace of Mind® partner. Pet Peace of Mind is a national organization that provides a turnkey approach to helping organizations, particularly those like Center for Hospice Care, who work with patients who have life-limiting conditions. The Pet Peace of Mind program provides resources to keep patients and their pets together so patients can experience the benefits of the human-pet bond.

Pet Peace of Mind provides financial resources and volunteers to assist with caring for the pets of Center for Hospice Care patients. From purchasing pet food to arranging visits to the veterinarian’s office, specially trained volunteers are there to assure that our patients’ pets receive loving attention.

If it’s not feasible to keep pets at home, Center for Hospice Care will work with pet rescue organizations/foster homes for placement. We will ensure that pets have a place to call home if they’re unable to remain with the patient or if the patient dies and the family is unable to keep the pet.