Movie Night

Movie Night

I had a great weekend here in Uganda. Saturday, I took a taxi to Entebbe and sat at a café to get some work done.  I had a lot of paperwork to do after returning from Hoima, but I also had lots of preparation to do for these next few days in Jinja. Overall, it was a very productive day and hopefully it will allow me to be more engaged in my Jinja trip since I know so much about the children already.

On Sunday, I met some people from the United States Embassy for brunch.  There are many ND alumni and students currently in Uganda, so they held a little get-together so we could all have a chance to connect. I always enjoy hearing all of the interesting things that people are doing here, so that was really fun for me.

As far as my time in the village, Ritah’s children had not seen some of my favorite movies, so Sunday night was movie night at Kat’s! Earlier this summer, I bought a stack of movies for them, so I popped some popcorn and we watched Monsters Inc. together. It was so fun for me to have something that entertained the kids. Later that night, Ritah’s daughter, Lovina, handed me a piece of paper and she had drawn some of the characters from the movie on it. It was so cute!

Tonight, Mark, Rose, and I leave for Jinja. I already know that these next few days are going to move fast, but I am looking forward to meeting more children and visiting the Holy Cross school there.

I fly home next week and do not know if I will be ready to go by then. I think I have accomplished a lot in my time here, but there is still more that I wish I could do. As always, thanks for your continued support of me and the RTH program!

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